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The trip to Dubai World Game Summit 2015 (DWGS)

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I had a fantastic time being part of Dubai World Game Summit (DWGS) earlier this month, I was invited to be a speaker at the event, particularly sharing my experience with the local and global game development communities, the whole thing happened in Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) for two…

You’re useless, idea guy..

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Making games is a dream for many people, ranging from kids to the very old; it doesn’t know age at all. People love the idea for many reasons, some people think they can present interesting plots, others believe that their programming skills could get them better gameplay than many games…

Game development education is just different!

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I’m currently teaching a game development course using Unity in an event called “Youth City 2030” that is happening in my home country, Bahrain. I’m enjoying every bit of the adventure, teaching people how to join forces with game developers out there in the world, here are my thoughts so…

Hardware opens another dimension to your software

I have to confess, I’ve always been in love with hardware.. To me hardware is just a wonderful dimension that you – programmers – can benefit from greatly whenever you get the hang of its basics, that is of course if you are like me, somebody who want to take his work off the…

PS3Code website.. Revamped!

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Well yes, PS3Code website has been revamped from the ground up with a new theme and a set of important features like mailing list subscription, sharing capabilities, commenting and mobile support. I’ve been working fine-tuning the theme to get the look I’ve always wanted, simple and beautiful yet efficient. Make…

“Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta” game development analysis

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SPOILER ALERT!! This game development review has many spoilers on the game, if you didn’t play the game yet and you’re intending to play it soon, then you may want to skip reading this until you play it, because this article analyzes every aspect of the game including the plot….

Bahrain Game Developers did their first Unity workshop!

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It’s time again, where Bahrain Game Developers (BGD) met for the third time, this time the occasion was a workshop on Unity, the event was held on the 7th of December 2013 in Vortex Gaming in Budayia – much obliged Vortex. The Unity workshop was followed by showcasing the work that…

After the second gathering, Bahrain Game Developers are getting a website!

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Well, it’s been more than a month since the Bahrain Game Developers community had had its second gathering in VIVA’s HQ in Bahrain, discussing multiple aspects of today’s game development matters such as game ideas, breaking into the industry, game development and marketing. Rashed “The Arab Game” Mokdad has done…