PS3Code website.. Revamped!

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Well yes, PS3Code website has been revamped from the ground up with a new theme and a set of important features like mailing list subscription, sharing capabilities, commenting and mobile support. I’ve been working fine-tuning the theme to get the look I’ve always wanted, simple and beautiful yet efficient. Make…

“Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta” game development analysis

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SPOILER ALERT!! This game development review has many spoilers on the game, if you didn’t play the game yet and you’re intending to play it soon, then you may want to skip reading this until you play it, because this article analyzes every aspect of the game including the plot….

Bahrain Game Developers did their first Unity workshop!

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It’s time again, where Bahrain Game Developers (BGD) met for the third time, this time the occasion was a workshop on Unity, the event was held on the 7th of December 2013 in Vortex Gaming in Budayia – much obliged Vortex. The Unity workshop was followed by showcasing the work that…

After the second gathering, Bahrain Game Developers are getting a website!

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Well, it’s been more than a month since the Bahrain Game Developers community had had its second gathering in VIVA’s HQ in Bahrain, discussing multiple aspects of today’s game development matters such as game ideas, breaking into the industry, game development and marketing. Rashed “The Arab Game” Mokdad has done…

Bahrain Game Developers meeting for the second time!

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So it’s gonna happen again! The guys from Bahrain Game Developers have scheduled their next gathering to be on this Saturday (the 22nd of the June 2013)! We like to call those gatherings because they are not your stereo-typed meetings where you have a corporate guy talking all business jargon…

Bahrain Game Developers have been pretty busy lately!

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It has been some exciting few weeks for us, we managed to get ourselves a booth in the Animania event that happened on the end of March this year in Bahrain at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). The event was amazing we managed to showcase two demo that we had been…

Bahrain Game Developers.. exist.

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So this might came a bit late, but it’s worth the wait. It has been almost four months since we “Bahrain Game Developers” have had our first gathering ever here in Bahrain. The thing started when I and Baraa – a good friend of mine – sat in a coffee shop when…

Game design is amazing and so is Alex!

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I have not written any new stuff for a while now, it’s been a couple of really busy months for me and Alex – our mighty game designer, the progress slowed down on the projects I’m enrolled in including Deadgear, but the good thing is that the progress is gradually…